caralyn farrell
mixed media

Garrett Farrell Consulting


Creating a stationary set for an IT consultant. Student work.


I challenged myself to find a creative way of representing an industry perceived as stale.

Process & Solution

I was particulary interested in the usage of underscores in relation to information technology. The relationship of software to the underscore is one that has existed since the advent of digital technology and would be nearly impossible to function without it. For the average person, however, it is possible today to operate a computer without ever having to use an underscore - naming a file with an underscore almost has a 'techie' implication to it, a deeper understanding of what goes on behind-the-scenes. It is still relevant and essential, but it heralds back to the early foundations of the digital sphere. I thought this was an important element of a consultant's brand, given that the client had been in the industry for 20+ years. The subtle incorporation of an underscore would leave the impression of someone who was relevant and with the times, but with a wealth of industry expertise behind him.

My Role

Conceptualization, layout, design, typography.


Adobe Creative Suite