caralyn farrell
mixed media



Creating a website for an avant-garde band releasing their first album.


The band wanted a site that reflected their musical style - not only as a way to host their music, but to exist as a visual manifestation of the audio itself. They also needed a space to promote their tours and host music videos.

Process & Solution

Using a microphone and some audio equipment, the band recorded several minutes of their music and rendered it into distorted visual static. We then looped several clips of the visuals as the background graphic for their website, so the user can both hear and see their music.

My Role

Brainstorming initial concepts with different bandmates until arriving at the visual static idea. Once approved, the bass guitarist provided the equipment and captured the recordings, which I then tested against different layouts and logo type treatments. I worked with an engineer to ensure that the clips would generate randomly upon loading. The engineer then built out the site based on our wireframes.


Photoshop, Illustrator