caralyn farrell
mixed media



Designing the interface of a cryptocurrency wallet tracker.


At the height of the bitcoin bubble, my colleagues and I found ourselves frustrated that we were unable to see how much we had gained or lost across our crypto wallets. We challenged ourselves to make a small app which would track ROI from the day of purchase at that given exchange rate.

Process & Solution

A developer friend and I came up with the following list of app features we wanted to see in our final product:

1. For ease of use, the app needs to piggyback on a major cryptocurrency wallet (we chose Coinbase) and support the three major tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)

2. The app should never store users' data and only have permission to read their wallet content.

3. The app needs clean, straightforward design to earn user trust.

Although the app was primarily a fun project amongst ourselves, we wanted users to feel comfortable logging in to check their returns. This required careful interfacing and explicitly walking the user through the permissions process, as well as forking the site on Github for transparency.

My Role

I took a simple, minimalist approach to the design to emphasize transparency and trust. The 'b' in the logo incorporates the symbol for Bitcoin, indicating the use intention of our product. For the accents and logo we used a gentle blue, as the associations with this color are calm and familiar throughout the banking industry.


Photoshop, Illustrator