caralyn farrell
mixed media

Roust NY B2B sales app


Building a B2B e-commerce sales app.


Roust (a wine and spirits conglomerate) had to rely on third-parties to make B2B sales to on- and off-premise accounts. When the decision was made to expand the team and sell directly to accounts in the NYC area, we had no existing digital framework to manage orders, and no chance the current processes for placing orders would scale (ex. writing orders on bar napkins).

The challenge was to create a simple, intuitive, and streamlined process that both the sales team and business owners could use to place orders and pay for product.

Process & Solution

Our first step was to meet and brainstorm with different teams, each with a focus on different aspects of the site - primarily sales, then finance, logistics, and accounting. We were most heavily engaged with sales and consider them our target user.

We determined several key product features after brainstorming with each team. These were the results of listening to the user and business needs:

1. The app needs to be easily accessible to the sales team, who only have the client's attention for a limited time.

2. The app needs to function as an active database and track accounts which owe balances or have paid in full.

3. The app needs to provide a convenient and straightforward way to pay balances.

4. The app needs to accomodate account/business owners, who may not be technologically savvy.

5. The app needs to minimize clicks to expedite the ordering process.

6. The app should have provide transparent pricing structures for products.

7. The app should support the account-salesperson relationship, wherever possible.

8. The app should have security features to prevent individuals and non-business owners from placing orders.

For the first iteration, our MVP was the development and release of the app for Sales to place orders. Our second iteration was the release of a consumer-facing website, and the third iteration was to activate an e-commerce portal where businesses could place orders independently of a salesperson. We used this timeline in accordance with end-of-year goals, press releases, and legal considerations.

My Role

I lead the user experience, interfacing, and design components of this project. I incorporated user wants, needs and feedback into a backlog and prioritized tasks based on importance to our MVP. My goal was to make sense of the data from each team and structure it in a way that balanced both user and business needs.


Figma, Sketch, Photoshop. Built using React and Django libraries.