caralyn farrell
mixed media



Rebranding True Blue Media into Shareblue.


True Blue Media was a political news startup with over a million followers across social media platforms. The majority of its audience was from Facebook, where it received high engagement due to the shareable nature of its content. The team at TBM felt that their brand had not kept pace with their growth surrounding the 2016 election, and wanted to revitalize the site with an entirely new identity system.

Process & Solution

We began by aggregating the data from our existing Facebook audience and determing which of our target audiences were missing. TBM endorsed Hillary Clinton early in the election cycle, and we wanted our new identity to resonate with younger millenial audiences (and ultimately for them to show up to vote). True Blue Media felt stale and didn't have a clear call to action. After brainstorming with the team, we determined that TBM should become Shareblue - a clear signifier for sharing "blue" content. I used an approachable, humanistic font to develop the logo, which would not only feel younger but earn users' trust.

Our takeaways from the social media data and business needs were as follows:

1. Content (articles) with media earned significantly more engagement than content without.

2. There was not much traffic to our site, but heavy traffic on our social channels.

3. The majority of our audiences viewed the site from mobile devices (scrolling through social media while commuting).

4. Content that exceeded a certain length had less engagement than shorter, "bite-sized" content.

Therefore, the solution to making a successful website would be to incorporate plenty of media (images and videos), optimize for mobile, and to direct the traffic seamlessly between social platforms and the site. Our website should be an interesting place to browse articles and thinkpieces, not solely a place to land on when clicking into a FB article.

I produced multiple wireframes to test user experience and information flow, and worked with the exec. team to examine pain points and architecture. We determined the site should be organized by sections: featured, new, trending, and popularity. Articles which reached a high threshold of engagement would get an indicator badge, attracting users' attention. Keeping in mind the demand for media, we featured images prominently above headlines and inline in the articles, and shortened overall article length for shorter attention spans. By design, our site was constructed that a user could click, read, share an article to their page, and jump to related content all in less than five minutes.

My Role

I wore many hats for this project - from initial strategizing to user mental models and UX/UI flow to project management until release. In addition to my work on the site, another part of my role at Shareblue was viral content creation - creating memes and graphics to accompany articles and drive traffic to the site. Once the identity was established, it was my role to ensure that everything visual produced by Shareblue was consistent - not only checking my own work, but work produced from the videography and polling data teams as well.


Photoshop, Illustrator